Community Groups are designed to help you build lasting faith through authentic relationships.

Riverbend Church is more than a collection of great programs.  We are a diverse community learning to follow Jesus in every aspect of our lives.  Therefore, we believe that a life of faith in Jesus can’t fully be lived out unless it is lived out in authentic community with others.

Yet, we recognize it’s not easy being authentic with each other.

Just like we know vegetables are good for our body, they aren’t always our favorite things on the menu.  The same is true for our souls.  We recognize community is good for the body of Christ, but it isn’t always our favorite thing about church because spiritual community is messy.

However, we have found three ingredients that put the flavor back into enjoying our community with one another no matter how difficult it is to create.

Without these three ingredients, our community with each other tends to get corrupted and stale.  Here are the three ingredients that make our community with each other vital (and savory) for our everyday lives.

Community-Tree.0011. COMMUNITY: Helps Us Experience & Express the Presence of God Together

Faith can only be embraced through relationship.  It begins when you start a relationship with Jesus. Jesus doesn’t ask you to believe in him simply as an intellectual exercise.  He invites you just as you are to be in a relationship with him.  And it doesn’t stop there with you and Jesus.  He invites you into the world of others different from you who are also seeking to follow Jesus.  Jesus calls you into his community with others so that you can learn to experience and express the presence of God through his community.  So the first ingredient that makes our Community Groups vital is COMMUNITY because it helps you not only to experience the presence of God yourself, but also gives you an opportunity to express the presence of God to others.

Worship-Hands.0012. WORSHIP: Helps Us Practice the Life of Christ Together

This intentional immersion into Jesus’ community is meant to change everything about us.  We come into a relationship with Jesus and each other as broken people, and Jesus’ goal is to heal us and remake us in his image.  Learning about Jesus way of life helps, but what Jesus is after is a radical surrender to his way of doing things.  Worship is not just about singing songs to Jesus, it is about surrender to Christ’s will for our lives.  When we worship like this, we begin practicing the life of Christ together. So the second ingredient that makes our Community Groups vital is WORSHIP because it helps you practice the life of Christ with others in a way that leads to your transformation.

Mission-Plane to El Salvador.0013. MISSION: Helps Us Get in on the Program of Christ Together

A vital community doesn’t stop when you experience the presence of Christ and when you learn to practice the life of Christ.  A vital community gets in on the program of Christ.  Jesus is about changing not just you through his love, but changing the entire world!  Therefore, our communities create opportunities for you to move beyond your comfort levels in order to love others in the name of Jesus. Each community group has an investment in the life of others beyond the walls of the church.  Finally, the third ingredient that makes our Community Groups vital is MISSION because it helps you get involved in the program of Christ by learning to give his transforming love away to those who are in need of it.

So don’t stand on the outside looking in.  Join a community group today!

Let us know what you think.