If you want to grow in your faith, the best thing you can do is learn to read the Bible.

I say “learn to read” because much of how we have acquired the skill of reading in our lives hasn’t been with the focus on listening.  When we moderns read, it is typically to gain knowledge or information that will benefit our lives or give us some control over our circumstances.  However, the Bible is given to us so that we can enter into a relationship with God.  The minute we read in order to “get something out of it” is the moment we corrupt our relationship with God.

The Bible is God’s word, and it is meant to draw us into a relationship with him.  It is a gift given to us so that our hearts would be caught up with his love for us.  If reading the Bible does not foster the love you have for God and the love God has for you, then you might need to learn to read with the goal of listening.

One tool that can help us learn to be better readers is a Bible App called, “You Version.”  It contains many different versions as well as specialized reading plans.

I want to recommend this app to you.  If you have it, consider picking it up again and beginning a reading plan.  If you don’t have it, consider downloading it and giving it a try.

I am going to be exploring ways we can connect our community to various reading plans that connect with our Teaching Series on Sunday mornings, so stay tuned!


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