Hi friends,

The situation in Houston and the surrounding areas is awful.  Many of you have inquired as to how we can respond to the crisis.  The short answer is that we can pray, and prayer is not an anemic thing to do when we understand who are God is and what he is capable of doing.

Here are three ways we can pray for those effected by the flood:

  1. Mourn with those who mourn. 
  2. Ask God for discernment about who we can partner with to be part of the long term solution to this disaster.
  3. Ask God to help the Church shine like stars as we demonstrate his love through compassion and kindness to strangers.

Aaron Foor, our Mission Pastor, is working to find ways we can be of help.  He is taking a trip down to Houston on Thursday to gain more information.  I will update you on Sunday as to where we stand and how you guys can help.

Thanks for your generous hearts and your impulse to help a neighbor in need.

Let us know what you think.