SUNDAY Recap : This week we started a new series to practice the teachings of Jesus.  We are guided by the 5 Elements of the Lord’s prayer.
Matt 6:9-13
  • Identity (Our Father..)
  • Purpose (Your Will…)
  • Security (Give us…)
  • Community (as we forgive…)
  • Freedom and Peace (Lead us…)
This week we focused on our Identity in Christ and the practices that Jesus used daily to be in connection with his Father.  
I would encourage everyone to select one of these practices these next two weeks to find connection with our Heavenly Father.
1) Practicing stillness for 20-30 minutes
2) Spend 10 minutes writing a prayer that describes your longing for an intimate relationship with God
3) Take a 30-90 minute walk with God noticing the nature he created.
4) Write a story about your turning point with God where you became more aware of his pressence
5) Practice the Lords table each day for a week
6) Keep a journal
If you join me in these practices, let me know how your experience has been in the comments below.  Enjoy Spring Break and let’s discuss in two weeks.
Your Brother in Christ,

One thought on “Walking in the Way: Sunday Recap-The 5 Elements of the Lord’s Prayer that Can Guide You

  1. Jeremy Williford, I have been keeping a journal for 20 years. It is less a record of what I did, and more a way to engage God more actively in prayer. Besides reading the Bible, this has been hands down the second greatest practice I have taken on in my life. Thanks for the encouragement to keep going!

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